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From unwelcome stepchild to quality accelerator: With digital support, every complaint becomes an opportunity to increase your own quality level and customer satisfaction. The Quality Miners software QM.CAQ 22 with its complaint management brings transparency in data and synergies in process steps for this purpose.

The software company Quality Miners, which specializes in CAQ, has set itself the goal of mining for quality and identifying the treasures in the production process. The treasure trove of data is lifted with the Quality Miners software QM.CAQ 22. An important component of this quality management solution is complaints management.

Mining quality
“Complaints are often recorded via a portal and also processed there,” explains René Wächter, Consultant at Quality Miners GmbH The first step to change, and especially to improvement, is to systematize these processes. With the Quality Miners quality management software, such portals can be integrated. “If you treat every complaint as an isolated incident, you don’t draw lasting consequences from your mistakes.” With the connection of the company’s own software to quality management, complaint cases are no longer isolated, but catalogued and their resolution process documented. In the event of a complaint or customer complaint, companies are thus able to act quickly and gain more than just customer satisfaction.

Complaint management as an important quality module
Recording complaints, determining causes and deriving inspection steps: “Complaint management is usually used together with the FMEA and inspection planning modules,” explains Wächter. “In our CAQ software, these modules are individually tailored to the customer’s requirements – on a global level, at the workstation, and for the individual user. No one offers that much flexibility.”

Andreas Rau


Andreas Rau, Software Engineer:
„No two projects are the same. We are strong when it comes to individualization“.

What doesn’t fit yet is programmed to fit: That’s when the hour strikes for software engineer Andreas Rau. “No two projects are the same. We are particularly strong in customization,” explains the programmer. The adaptation to the processes on site as well as to the respective ERP system runs parallel to the consulting. „”With this direct dovetailing, we are significantly more efficient,” Rau assures.

8D reports with vision
The consistent digitization of processes pays off in the currency of customer service. Reports are created to accompany the process, such as the 8D report that is decisive for the automotive sector. It provides guidance on handling complaints in eight process steps and is anchored in the industry’s set of standards. In addition, it describes the reason for the complaint, the underlying error, identifies the causes and what measures must be taken to eliminate the error.

Turning disgruntled customers into sustainable fans
“By guiding users to standardized input already during the production process, we already cover three of the necessary eight process steps. Customers can document the remaining stations according to the standard or also in their own individually predefined way,” says Wächter. “So our software empowers manufacturers to respond, inform and document complaints in accordance with standards.” 

Rene Waechter


René Wächter, Consultant:
„Turning unknown defects into known defects is the benefit of Quality Miners’ complaint management tool.“

Turning unknown defects into known defects is the benefit of Quality Miners’ complaint management tool. Another advantage of the software is that the costs of the complaint become transparent. This gives companies all the tools they need to quickly and efficiently turn a complaint into a solved problem – and turn a disgruntled customer into a satisfied one. And ultimately, to change processes so that a mistake does not happen twice, if possible.


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