CAQ-ERP-IntegrationThe need for an integrated system landscape

One of the key points in the design of complex manufacturing processes is the integration of the various software-based systems used in a modern company. The most important of these are ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CAQ (Computer Aided Quality) systems. The integration of these systems does not always succeed smoothly, which often has a negative impact on the quality of the products and the production process. This article will therefore focus on the challenges of integrating CAQ and ERP systems into manufacturing processes.

An interface between the CAQ and ERP systems allows users to access data from both systems. This can be of enormous benefit to quality control, as users can use the interface to analyze CAQ data in their ERP system and there is no need for duplicate data maintenance. The interface automatically transfers data bidirectionally between the ERP and CAQ systems.

The challenges of integration

From a technical point of view, the integration of CAQ and ERP systems can still be a challenge today, depending on the system. That is why it is very important that all system providers work closely together in a spirit of trust from the very beginning and always focus on the needs of the customer.

It must be ensured that the data is compatible between the two systems. Since these are often available in different database structures, one works here with so-called export tables. The systems communicate with each other via these and regulate the exchange of data.

Another challenge is finding the right interface. There are many different ways in which the systems can be connected. Choosing the right interface is critical to the success of the integration. Finally, it must also be ensured that the integration functions smoothly. This means that all functions of the two systems work together without any problems.

All these challenges make the integration of CAQ and ERP systems a demanding task. To master them successfully, it is therefore important to plan carefully and enlist the help of experts such as Quality

A customized interface between CAQ and ERP

In general, people always like to talk about “standard interfaces”. This may be true at the technical level, as already listed above, but it completely neglects the most important discipline to consider in an interface: the integration of the various processes.

Therefore, an integration between CAQ and ERP should always be individually adapted to the company’s processes. An optimal process chain can only be guaranteed through individual coordination with the needs of the respective areas. These include, for example, the processes of order acceptance, bill of materials creation, material requirements planning, production planning and control, goods receipt, and quality assurance processes. The idea behind a customized interface is to integrate these processes in such a way that they mesh as smoothly as possible and do not require any unnecessary changeovers

This idea is also supported by the fact that often the ERP systems used do not always meet the specific requirements of the respective industry and there are always areas that are then completely covered in CAQ – a typical example of this is the complaints process in connection with an 8D report.

The interface should therefore always be tailored to the specific needs of the company and offer a high degree of flexibility. A poorly designed interface can slow down or even hinder processes. When selecting the respective interface, it is therefore important to know the requirements and processes precisely and to weigh up the benefits for all areas involved. This is the only way to ensure that the interface fulfills its purpose, supports its processes and also optimizes them.


Interfaces between CAQ and ERP systems, when properly planned and implemented, allow companies to massively increase productivity and reduce costs.

In addition, customized interfaces offer a number of other benefits, such as real-time data updates, so that all parties involved are always up to date, and error reduction through automatic updating of data.

Quality Miners has been creating interfaces for its customers for more than 40 years. We have the necessary know-how to successfully connect your QM.CAQ with your system landscape. If you would like to learn more, or would like a free consultation appointment, contact us.

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