Traceability / Integrated Production Control

The individual software solution for your active traceability

Production, quality and use of resources wash up every day anew a
flood of data into a company’s knowledge stores and databases. However, this data collection is not very suitable for quick error analysis and tracing.

Our traceability captures and consolidates all relevant data in a central repository and monitors production, quality and resource utilization – in real time.

For known defects, conditions and events, Quality Miners’ traceability software can interleave and validate all of a plant’s processes as needed – resulting in fewer rejects and no callbacks.

Unknown errors are thus tracked to the source of the error in a monitored workflow. Internally, fast tracing through the entire data set ensures fewer rejects; externally, it reduces the amount of callbacks and ensures customer satisfaction.

By means of OPC-UA connectivity, communication with machines and plants is very easy to realize. Quality Miners’ traceability solution can control all manufacturing processes on demand and actively detect problems within processes and initiate appropriate countermeasures. The depth to which the manufacturing processes are to be integrated is decided by the customer.

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  • Automated acquisition of serial and batch numbers, quality data, machine data, states, events, quantities, process data
  • Active steering of components through the entire value chain
  • Fast and precise error analysis
  • Definition and validation of process and environmental parameters
  • Workflow-controlled and monitored callback for new defects

Your benefit

  • Legal security
  • Quick changes
  • Tracing of process data and quality data
  • Systematic cost-benefit analysis
  • Quality increase
  • Tracking the progress of the project
  • Functionally safe system
  • Reduction of production errors
  • Transparency in the supply chain

Integrated Production Control / Traceability with Quality Miners solutions

QualityMiners TraceabilityQualityMiners Traceability
CAQ QM-Dashboard

Visualize process data in real time

Due to the OPC connection of our traceability solution to machines, the visualization of process data in real time is no problem. This allows processes to be actively controlled and regulated.

Additional CAQ functions


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Harry Keller

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