Mobile Inspection

The smart solution for your quality assurance
Inspection processes are of crucial importance in manufacturing companies with high quality requirements. They help to ensure the quality of products, avoid errors and meet customer requirements.
However, inspection processes can be very time-consuming and costly, especially if they are carried out manually. This can lead to bottlenecks in production and extend delivery times.
QM.CAQ Mobile Inspection was developed so that quality inspections can be carried out efficiently and in real time in all areas of the company in the future – and thus make an important contribution to value creation.
QM.CAQ Mobile Inspection is the new tool from Quality Miners and an innovative solution for quality management that has been specially developed for the manufacturing industry.
The result: an increase in efficiency, a reduction in costs and an improvement in quality.

Mobile Inspection
QM.CAQ Mobile Inspection
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Example of use


Incoming goods

In the incoming goods department, goods often have to be checked quickly and efficiently to ensure that they meet the requirements and can be accepted into production. However, this can often be a challenge, especially if the inspection is carried out manually. Inspection results are often still entered on paper forms in the incoming goods department because there is no corresponding inspection station on site. The data is then only transferred to a system later. This is not only time-consuming, but also extremely error-prone, as it can lead to reading errors or incorrect entries.
This is exactly where Quality Miners’ Mobile Inspection comes in! It makes it possible to record and process test data directly on site and in real time, regardless of the mobile device. Whether smartphone or tablet, the mobile inspection can be carried out on any device that has a browser. This not only reduces the time required, but also the error rate.
But mobile inspection is not only used for incoming goods. In the future, its functionality will also be extended to all other test areas in quality assurance.
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Your benefit

  • Time saving
    The mobile inspection software saves valuable time when inspecting goods. You no longer have to fill out paper documents manually, but can enter all information directly in the app.
  • Precision
    With Mobile Inspection, you can document your inspection results more precisely and accurately. The software automatically detects irregularities and alerts you so that you can act quickly.
  • More efficiency
    QM.CAQ Mobile Inspection significantly reduces manual tasks during the inspection. Data no longer has to be entered manually and transferring the results to the system is much easier and faster.
  • Higher data quality
    Data quality is increased by automatically recording data and checking the results for plausibility. Sources of error that can occur with manual data entry are minimized.
  • Flexibility
    The mobile inspection software is mobile and can be used on any smartphone or tablet. This makes you more flexible and allows you to carry out your testing tasks at any time, even at locations without a computer.
  • Complete integration in SAP
    Mobile Inspection can be integrated not only as part of QM.CAQ, but also as a fully-fledged inspection lot inspection in SAP, without the need for a separate CAQ system!


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