Action mangement

Software for central control and monitoring of all measures

In quality management, the monitoring and testing of measures is essential. Not only for companies from the automotive industry and medical technology, the conscientious processing of measures and their effectiveness testing is an important component, also auditors always attach great importance to a professional solution in this area.

The sheer volume of actions that occur in manufacturing companies today makes it impossible to monitor them via a simple office solution. At the latest, these systems are no longer usable when it comes to effectiveness testing and “lessons learned”, and deviations regularly occur.

Quality Miners’ action management is the central module within our CAQ solution and stands for controlled task management. All important measures are available at a glance.

It forms the basis for cross-organizational control loops and automatically steers, monitors and escalates them as needed. In addition, effectiveness reviews of individual measures support the CIP process.

Through web integration, the entire company is involved. Delegation and vacation replacement functions facilitate day-to-day business and ensure a transparent flow of information.

Corrective and preventive actions (CAPA) are initiated, implemented and monitored in a targeted manner.

The consolidation of all measures and tasks in one system makes isolated solutions superfluous and ensures the necessary transparency in the company.



  • Create measures, standard processes and workflows
  • Central delegation, steering, monitoring
  • Management of tasks, appointments, messages, reminders
  • Event-driven processes, messages, information
  • Document upload

Your benefit

  • Automated information, feedback, delegation, escalation
  • Involvement of all employees through browser technology
  • Elimination of system islands (Office documents, Outlook tasks, Notes tasks, etc.)
  • Integrated effectiveness review
CAQ Maßnahmenmanagement

The integrated browser technology of the CAQ solution allows you to automatically reach all employees and you can always track who did what, when. This improves internal communication, transparency and task development enormously.

Additional CAQ functions


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