VIEW/3 - Evaluations

VIEW/3 is a frontend for quality evaluation and reporting. It serves as a functional extension of the SAP application for quality management and offers ready-made report templates as well as extended, graphical and statistical evaluations.

For quality-related data analysis of SAP inspection lots, VIEW/3 provides tabular, graphical and statistical evaluations. All necessary quality-related statistics, calculations and analyses are available, such as Xquer, Pareto, feature comparison, frequency distribution, SPC, capability indices and many more.

Report templates
Based on Crystal Reports, a variety of report templates are made available to the quality department. This can be used to output SAP inspection lot data, e.g. as a defect collection chart, control chart, sampling and process analysis, PPM or even test equipment capability and certificates. These are necessary additions to the SAP standard. Customer-specific adaptations, layouts, extensions and database queries are possible – as is optional reporting of SAP quality notifications and complaints. Special analyses and evaluations can be provided upon request.

The AutoReport module enables automatic reporting across applications and databases. Reports (Crystal Reports file) can be output directly to a printer or exported to various formats (PDF, Word, Excel) to be saved as a file (e.g. on a network drive) or sent directly as an e-mail to one or more recipients (via MAPI or SMTP). Z. For example, the previous day’s report can be automatically sent to specific recipients each morning. Once automatic reporting has been set up correctly, a single call (to a batch file) can generate multiple reports from different applications in different databases/database users and in any combination of print, file storage or email delivery (the same for all reports or individually per report). Ideally, such a call is made (e.g. daily) via the Windows Task Scheduler on a server, with which reporting is then 100% automatic.



  • Necessary addition to the SAP standard
  • Crystal Reports as a design tool
  • Customized layouts and database queries
  • Reporting of SAP quality notifications/ complaints optional
  • Different languages

Your benefit

  • Frontend for quality evaluation and quality reporting under SAP
  • All necessary quality-related statistics and calculations
  • Customization and extension of report templates
  • Special distribution models, analyses, evaluations on request
  • Inexpensive test installation incl. Initial on-site briefing and hotline support

Clear visualizations

Additional CAQ functions


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Harry Keller

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