QM.CAQQuality Miners CAQ Software Solution

The customized CAQ system for your quality management

Start your quality mining process with us!

Together we promote their quality management processes and support them in continuously improving and finding their quality treasures.

Our modular CAQ software has been successfully implemented hundreds of times at customers from different industries – for 40 years we have been writing a success story together.

The CAQ solutions of Quality Miners are always used when it should be more than just “standard”. Of course, you can get “standard functions” from us if you wish, but never a “standard solution”.

QualityMiners.CAQ can be optimally adapted to your individual processes. With our solutions they raise the standard to a new level, go on a treasure hunt with Quality Miners.

Which individual CAQ tools do we have ready for you?
Discover it for yourself!

Your advantages with QualityMiners.CAQ

Customized CAQ solution

Tailored to your needs

Increase customer satisfaction

through higher quality level

Cost reduction

by reducing the reject rate

Prevention of errors

through proactive control of processes


The tools

Harry Keller

Harry Keller

Jessica Lutz

Jessica Lutz