Information Management Tool for Quality Management

Operations need the features and functions of a production line combined with the flexibility and autonomy of make-to-order manufacturing. Then why not enforce zero-defect production right away?

Only this is viable and sustainable in the long term. Error prevention should take precedence over error detection, which is only possible by taking a holistic view of quality and production and can only be achieved by gradually introducing an error prevention strategy. The basis for this is the continuous improvement of all processes via the findings from quality, production and process data. This enables the metamorphosis towards an Industry 4.0 company.



  • Merge any mixed data in real time in one interface
  • Focus on people: individual and role-based dashboards – everyone gets only the information that is relevant to them
  • Free definition of criteria for event monitoring and alarming
  • Hierarchical aggregation and cumulation of data with drill-down functions
  • Integration of cyber-physical systems (CPS) in the Industry 4.0 sense
  • Context-sensitive display and hiding of relevant data, e.g. currently inactive elements such as machines that are switched off are automatically hidden
  • Automated order-specific dashboard views: all order information can be displayed (processes, components, batches, quality checks, quantities, etc.)
  • Standardized product instead of individual programming: plug-in technology for simple and individual expansion

Your benefit

  • Favorable flat rates instead of incalculable IT projects, made possible by standardization and plug-in technology
  • Simple implementation and step-by-step expansion according to requirements (configuration instead of programming)
  • Shorter response and problem-solving times increase competitiveness
  • Supporting companies in the step-by-step, pragmatic and realistic transformation process towards becoming Industry 4.0 companies
  • Supporting people in analysis, decision-making and problem-solving (reuse of knowledge)
  • Containing the flood of data through individual filtering and preparation
  • The right information to the right person at the right time in the right place via the right medium
CAQ QM-Dashboard

The increased complexity of industrial business processes requires process monitoring to be contextual and thus simple for the user. With the QM Dashboard, it is possible to visualize the individually variable operating, machine and process data in real time where it is needed.

Additional CAQ functions

CAQ Auditmanagement
CAD Integration
Control Plan CAQ
CAQ Dokumentenlenkung
QM.CAQ Instandhaltung
Wareneingang CAQ
Maßnahmenmanagement CAQ
QM Prozessvisualisierung
Prüfmittelverwaltung CAQ
Reklamationsmanagement CAQ


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