Quality Miners is the first point of contact for SMEs in the metal and plastics industries and is also particularly specialized in the implementation of VDA, FDA and ISO requirements in discrete manufacturing.

Over 380 customers with more than 215,000 users use our quality management solutions in 28 countries.

Our customers include. Aptar, Auto-Kabel, Buderus Guss, Continental, Geberit, HAWE Hydraulik, Hubert Stüken, Oventrop, Rheinmetall Automotive, Parker, Snop , RUAG.

CAQ software must adapt to the needs of users, use existing standards and technologies, and provide for meaningful integration of existing and functioning systems so that information generated throughout the value chain can be meaningfully analyzed, aggregated, filtered, and beneficially distributed.

Unknown errors are first made into known ones, and since this means they will not occur again in the future, no customer makes a mistake twice.

We thus enable our customers to achieve fully traceable zero-defect production, which is standardized and gradually built up from a defect detection strategy to a defect prevention strategy.

With the right partner and a clear goal in mind, the ideas of Industry 4.0 can thus also be implemented pragmatically and affordably without excessive consulting projects, thus significantly increasing productivity and flexibility.

Our reference for over 40 years: satisfied customers, for whom more than 1,500 software solutions have been projected and implemented worldwide to date.

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Customer benefits

Successes our customers achieve with our CAQ solution:

  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Generation of competitive advantages
  • Increasing the quality of processes and products
  • Transparency
  • Higher cycle times and thus more production capacity
  • Cost reduction