Software for complaints management and 8D

“Complaints are annoying!”

Unfortunately, many companies still have this attitude today. Complaints are often perceived as a necessary evil and attempts are made to quickly file them away with as little effort as possible.

Complaints as opportunities
However, every frustration a customer experiences can also create new loyalty. In this case, the complaint is a unique opportunity to build trust with the customer, in which the customer experiences that his problems are taken seriously and one is ready to help.

It is important that the employees concerned within the company are provided with the perfect tools for dealing with complaints in a profitable manner.

Complaints are individual processes
The process for handling a complaint must of course be standardized within a company. However, this does not mean that a standard solution will also suit you and your company.

Our many years of experience have shown that the processing of complaints in particular, no matter how standardized, always requires a very high degree of individuality.

Lessons Learned – 5Why – Ishikawa
Quality Miners’ complaint management system meets all the requirements prescribed by a current system.

Repeat errors can be detected and immediate measures can be triggered already during the acquisition process. The important tools such as Ishikawa or 5-Why are available for the processing of the complaint to determine the error and cause.

Individual Workflows

Incidental customer complaints and internal complaints are reliably processed individually via freely definable workflows depending on the type of complaint and all necessary employees and departments are involved. The entire complaints process becomes transparent for all parties involved and the turnaround time for complaints is significantly reduced. The customer and their company benefit through shortened response times and lower costs.


A required 8D report is created automatically in the background and is available at the push of a button. If desired, this can be sent directly to the customer by e-mail. A comprehensive report editor is available for individualizing the reports.

Customer friendly web solution

If desired, their customers can also record complaints via a web portal and inquire about the status of complaints at any time. He gets an overview of his complaints at any time and – if desired – is automatically reminded by the system to meet deadlines.

Connection to customer portals
More and more OEMs now also have their own complaints portals. Complaints can be transferred to the Quality Miners system via the portals and, if necessary, exported back there. In this way, it is possible to optimally handle customer complaints without losing important data in your own system.

Supplier complaints / goods receipt
If the supplier is determined to be the originator, the reference to a previously performed goods receipt is established. Any reduced inspection severity is immediately adjusted and communicated to the employees in the incoming goods department. If an 8D report is requested by the supplier for such a complaint, the supplier can enter it directly in the web portal and report the completion to the responsible person, eliminating the need for cumbersome sending and transferring of documents, etc.



  • Internal and external complaints from assembly or production, from the dealer, customer and to the supplier
  • Categorization of data by symptom, error, cause, measure, etc.
  • Rule-based assignment to persons, departments, groups or distribution lists
  • Detailed tracking and history of all activities and efforts
  • 8D method and 8D reports according to VDA with Ishikawa and 5-Why

Your benefit

  • Continuous improvement through recourse and automatic reporting to FMEA and inspection plan managers, transfer of defects, causes, measures
  • Integration of complaint and action management: targeted initiation, implementation, monitoring of corrections
  • Workflow-controlled processing of complaints with arbitrarily self-defined workflows
  • Recognition of repetitive errors
  • Capture via web browser
CAQ Complaint Management

Fault cause determination by means of Ishikawa

The clear graphical representation makes it easy to determine the cause and effect principle.

Additional CAQ functions

Control Plan CAQ
Maßnahmenmanagement CAQ
Wareneingang CAQ


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