Documents Management

The software solution for central steering of all documents

Document control is an elementary component of quality management systems. This is also described in various standards such as DIN EN ISO 9001 or IATF 16949. As a rule, document control should cover all points that are important in the document life cycle, such as: Creation date, release information, distribution paths, publications, withdrawal, invalidation, archiving and destruction.

Often, the document control process in many companies is still carried out analogously on paper. Elaborate distribution matrices that are not fully documented or undefined release processes repeatedly lead to deviations in audits.

The document control software solution from Quality Miners remedies precisely this situation. It reduces the effort required to manage documents in accordance with standards to a minimum and makes it very easy for all users to always find and use the right documents. Release and distribution processes are completely digitized and can be traced at any time.

With the help of an editable workflow system, all steering processes can be modeled individually.

Via the central Quality Miners action management, the automatic distribution takes place in the company. This makes every relevant document change transparent and controls issues and withdrawals.

Released and distributed documents can also be found in an enhanced web interface and are thus also available on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. With the help of a keywording function and the optional possibility to assign documents to specific customers, articles or suppliers, finding important documents becomes even easier.

Customers decide individually which document types are distributed within Quality Miners document control. Freely definable catalogs can be used to create any type of document, such as process instructions, work instructions, standards, product specifications, risk analyses, and much more. be created. The document data stored here does not necessarily have to be documents; any data type can be managed via this system.

As a central module, document control can optionally be used in all other CAQ functions within the Quality Miner CAQ system.



  • Capture, manage and distribute documents
  • Any document types
  • History
  • Links to other documents
  • Detailed responsibilities and authorizations

Your benefit

  • Quick and easy search/finding of information through keyword search, catalogs, references, hyperlinks
  • Monitored distribution throughout the company and to external parties with return control
  • Assignment to articles, processes, departments, etc.
  • Release workflow adjustable per document type
  • Released documents available for all employees via web

Digital approval processes

Quality Miners Document Control provides an overview of the current status of a document’s approval process at any time.

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