Machine Data Acquisition / MDA

Software for a holistic view of production and quality

The use of machine data is an important component for quality assurance and performance improvement in production and is therefore enormously important for the competitiveness of a company. Only by taking a holistic view of production and quality can weak points be uncovered and optimization initiated.

This is exactly where the MDA software from Quality Miners comes in. It is the optimal connecting element between the store floor and quality assurance and allows a view of production from both sides.

Our solution is completely workflow-based. All functions within QualityMiners.MDA can be linked together in almost any way.

The system enables comprehensive acquisition of many important machine data. These include

  • Piece numbers
  • Interference
  • Set-up times
  • Process data
  • and much more


Thanks to the wide range of integration options (including OPC-UA), all relevant data and events are monitored and visualized in real time.

This makes it possible, for example, to calculate the expected duration of a running operation and to visualize all important condition data, also in connection with the relevant quality data.

Individual machine terminals with a wide range of functions

Individual machine terminals can be set up for machine operators. Via this terminal it is possible to retrieve all important information of the machine at a glance. If desired, a machine terminal can also be used to record malfunction reasons, setup times, scrap messages, SPC checks, and much more. be recorded.
The machine terminals are also ideally suited to be operated on a touch screen. This makes the system easier to operate for all employees on the shop floor.

Extensive evaluation options

QM.CAQ uses data of the entire production process in interaction with a detail planning system (APS). As a result, QM.CAQ reacts quickly to events and triggers, for example, dynamic rescheduling. If SPC is also used, the processes are closely interlinked. This makes a holistic view possible and thus the path towards zero-defect production.



  • Automated acquisition of machine data, states, events, tests
  • Acquisition of machine status (off, idle, setup, production, malfunction, etc.)
  • Identification of relevant key performance indicators (KPI), such as OEE, OTD, RMY, etc.
  • Standardized communication with machines and plants (OPC, OPC UA, Profibus, fieldbus, MPI bus, PLC, S5, S7, concentrators, Euromap 63, etc.)
  • Connect with batch and serial numbers

Your benefit

  • Seamless integration of data from operations, production, quality and process
  • Use of uniform catalogs
  • 360° all-round view in manufacturing
  • User definable workflows

Software for a holistic view of production and quality

Additional CAQ functions

Control Plan CAQ
Maßnahmenmanagement CAQ


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Harry Keller

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