Software for outgoing goods inspection

Our tool organizes and supports customer-specific outgoing goods inspections, ensures reporting, tracks actions and complaints. Rule-based and event-controlled processes and messages link the goods issue with inspection planning, production and merchandise management.

The system automatically creates and distributes messages, reports, instructions, orders, tasks as well as measures and monitors the implementation. With QualityMiners.WA, the company evaluates product quality, adherence to schedules and quantities, and promotes cooperation with the customer.

Our tool masters the flood of data from the inspections and provides an overview in the outgoing goods department. The disposal of bad parts is organized via , rework orders are triggered and the costs incurred for rework etc. are recorded. This relieves the burden on employees, anchors standard processes and reduces costs.



  • Testing of attributive (qualitative) and variable (quantitative) characteristics according to AQL, percentage, n:c combination
  • Testing with the reference quantities order quantity, batches, containers
  • Simple connection of all common measuring devices
  • Create, report and manage factory test certificates; forms and language definable per part and customer
  • Record, document, send and archive test reports

Your benefit

  • Automatic calculation of the test severity
  • Monitoring of releases for goods and customers
  • Workflow-controlled and monitored test reports and release processes
  • Automated ERP feedback: inspection results, quantities and technical/commercial disposal
  • Dynamic modification of the checks per characteristic
  • Dynamic modification down to the characteristic level for each customer/part combination

By using group inspection plans, you can rationally anchor a customer’s specific goods issue inspection requirements and track them from job to job. In goods issue, the grading progression per characteristic leads to a significant reduction in the inspection effort.

Additional CAQ functions

Control Plan CAQ
CAQ Dokumentenlenkung
Maßnahmenmanagement CAQ
Reklamationsmanagement CAQ
Wareneingang CAQ


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Harry Keller

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