FMEA - Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

Software for early error prevention

The FMEA methodology originated in the late 1940s. The American military developed this process due to their dissatisfaction with poorly performing ammunition. NASA picked up this tool in the 1960s and developed it significantly for the upcoming Apollo missions. The successful moon landing in 1969, is also attributed to the use of FMEA methodology.  In the 1970s, Ford first used FMEA as an important tool in the industry. Nowadays, the use of FMEAs is standard in many companies.

QualityMiners.FMEA is based on the guidelines developed by VDA and AIAG and enables the display of a wide variety of form sheets. It can be used to detect and visualize errors in products, processes or systems at an early stage.

As an important component in quality management, our FMEA is centrally anchored in QualityMiners.CAQ. From it, characteristics for control plans and inspection plans can be derived. The characteristics are not only a copy, but always remain connected to the FMEA. This means that changes to characteristics within an FMEA, e.g. due to customer requirements, can also be easily transferred to the existing control and inspection plans at any time.

The graphical mindmapping interface makes QualityMiners.FMEA very intuitive to use. In it, the network of system and functional levels can be displayed very clearly. Fault nets can be realized very easily by using Drag&Drop.

Team collaboration and FMEA moderation are also taken into account and eased by many useful shortcuts. This allows users to focus on creating and maintaining the FMEA rather than operating software.



  • Modular system: easy referencing, versioning, release of FMEAs
  • Definition and monitoring of measures
  • Automatic creation: FMEA forms sheets, Control Plan according to VDA 4.2, VDA 4.3 and AIAG
  • Import from IQ-FMEA
  • Parts list import

Your benefit

  • Shorter FMEA processing time
  • Reuse of base FMEAs, root FMEAs and the entire knowledge base
  • Information from complaints through automatic detection of new defects
  • Control loop between control plan, FMEA and complaint management
  • Intuitive operation in mind mapping technology

The comprehensive statistical evaluations of the machine and order data as well as inspection plans synchronize the product and process data, show correlations and ensure series production.
By monitoring all potential events online, it is possible to react much faster to changes in processes.

Additional CAQ functions

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