Audit Management

Companies, when performing a large number of audits, must always provide complete and integrated support for their audit management process. From audit planning and execution to follow-up and evaluation, audits always involve a great deal of organization and documentation.

The Quality Miners audit software, which can be used for a wide range of audit types, solves this problem.


In this phase, all important data for the respective audit is maintained. From the definition of the necessary master data, such as which question catalogs, evaluation schemes or audit templates are used, to the audit fulfillment criteria, all audit-relevant information is created in this phase.

Licensed question catalogs can be imported and freely customized within the audit module. Existing question catalogs can be extended as required. With the help of the freely definable evaluation schemes, these can be adapted to the individual specifics. In addition, there is also the possibility of individual weighting of individual questions or areas.

And why create similar audits over and over again?
Audit templates can save an enormous amount of time and significantly shorten audit planning.

Audit generation

With the help of an integrated assistant, audits that have passed phase 1 can be generated very easily. In addition to the audit type, the audit-specific data such as designation, date information or description and objective of the respective audit are also defined here, among other things. The composition of the audit team also takes place here. It is possible to assign different roles such as audit manager, co-auditor and participant within an audit.

Finally, the final selection of the prefabricated questionnaires and the assignment of all documents relevant for the audit is carried out in this phase. It does not matter whether documents are added by the central Quality Miners document control or by other document management systems. The Quality Miners APQP software offers extensive import functions here.

Audit execution

Depending on the size of an audit, it can be broken down into different partial audits if desired. This is useful, for example, if different departments are to be audited.

The audit can be carried out conveniently via a PC or notebook. This means that audit questions no longer have to be printed out on paper. This saves resources and also ensures complete documentation of all audit results.

Quality Miners audit management also has a web client. This enables audits to be carried out on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Both Android and IOS devices are supported.

Deviations and recommendations identified during an audit can be quickly and easily managed, scheduled, and monitored as actions in the central Quality Miners Action Management system. This means that no more information is lost and all steps towards improvement are effectively documented.

Measures can also be distributed through a web client, easily to all relevant people in the company.

Audit analysis

At the conclusion of each audit, comprehensive audit reports are available. In addition to audit and deviation reports, there are numerous ways to also monitor the status of a particular audit. With the help of an optional evaluation generator, any audit evaluations can also be freely created. The evaluations can also be easily visualized in a web interface for all employees in the company with the help of the Quality Miners QM Dashboard. In this way, companies can guarantee an overview of all audit results on request and ensure transparent audit processes.



  • System, process and product audits, internal and external
  • Integrated scheduling with graphical overviews
  • Fast generation of invitations, dispatch of documents
  • Extendable by any own question catalogs
  • Any evaluation schemes

Your benefit

  • Practical implementation, automatic generation of partial audits
  • Deadline tracking of major, minor deviations and recommendations with Action Management
  • Comprehensive evaluations, status reports, vulnerability analyses
  • Overviews of deviations and open actions
  • Involvement of all employees by action processing on the web


If desired, audits can be carried out quickly and easily on mobile devices, regardless of whether Windows, Android or IOS is used as the operating system.

Additional CAQ functions

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