SPC - Statistical Process Control

SPC software for controlling production and quality processes

SPC is one of the most important tools in many manufacturing companies when it comes to controlling production.

QualityMiners.SPC can be divided into four main core areas

  1. Test planning
  2. Test order generation
  3. Testing
  4. Evaluation

Test planning

The test plan contains all the important information required to test an assembly, an article family or an article. Characteristics, nominal dimensions, tolerances, documents and all statistical assumptions are maintained here. The statistics are calculated either with our in-house statistics module or with the integrable qs-STAT from Q-DAS which can be licensed optionally. The customer can individually choose which statistical functions he wants to work with.

Test order generation

Test jobs usually arise from the integration of their ERP system. A production order fully automatically generates a test order in our system and then makes it directly available for testing at the appropriate test location.
If there is no connection to an ERP system, the inspection order can also be generated manually.


No matter whether release inspection, tool change, batch change or classic random sample inspection. Our system masters all important test types. The connection of test equipment to our SPC software is just as much part of the functional scope as the visualization of important events that can occur during an SPC test (e.g. approach to tolerance and intervention limits, tolerance violations, etc.). The digital control chart also always gives the inspector an overview of where the quality situation is at the end of a sample. If desired, this can also be displayed with traffic lights.

Our SPC software simultaneously processes data from automation and quality assurance and uses it to calculate key figures and parameters for real-time control of production and quality.

It automatically creates rule-based or event-driven alarms, messages, complaints, starts actions, enforces work steps, and controls traffic lights and signals on the shop floor.

You can provide individual reports and standard evaluations for your customers.

QualityMiners.SPC is the perfect tool if quality deficits are to be detected already during production.



  • Traces, nests, cavities
  • Inspection by time, piece, batch, container, shift
  • Connection of measuring devices, measuring machines and automation
  • Process capability, machine capability, conformity DIN/ISO 21747
  • Control charts, primal charts, probability network, histogram
  • Real-time SPC: process types, distribution forms, cpk, intervention limits, run, trend, middle third
  • Multi-point measurement technology (up to 48 values simultaneously)
  • Rule-based alarms, traffic lights, release check
  • Optional online statistics via qs-STAT

Your benefit

  • Early detection of quality deficits
  • Simple test surface
  • Worker self-check
  • No more test islands, all tests combined in one system
  • Optimization of product quality
  • Improve process capability
  • Complete traceability of quality documentation to customers

With SPC you can control your production and quality processes: All recorded key figures and data are merged and made available in real time. This ensures the quality of their products at all times. If necessary, you can immediately initiate appropriate measures.

Additional CAQ functions

CAD Integration
Control Plan CAQ
CAQ Dokumentenlenkung
Maßnahmenmanagement CAQ
Reklamationsmanagement CAQ


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