Manage, calibrate and analyze test equipment

Inspection Equipment Management

Software for test equipment monitoring, measuring system analysis (MSA), calibration

The inspection equipment management of Quality Miners offers a standard-compliant administration of the gauge stock and enables an interaction with the inspection planning or the inspection in the system. Standard test plans and regulations according to VDI/VDE/DGQ 2618 are already available in the system. Own test plans and factory standards are easily converted into test plans.

The integrated MSA function (Measurement System Analysis) analyzes the capability of measuring and test equipment and provides information about its suitability.

Clear management of all test equipment is provided by numerous selection options. Test equipment to be calibrated is color-coded and those responsible are actively informed if calibration cycles are exceeded. Supplying all areas with suitable test equipment, assured capability and sufficient service life is the central task of test equipment management. Calibrations and gauge capability tests can be performed directly in the system. An extensive history is automatically built up for each piece of test equipment.



  • Monitoring intervals by time, number of measurements, storage time, duration of use
  • Standard test plans according to VDI/VDE/DGQ 2618 included in scope of delivery
  • Extensive management functions such as issue, withdrawal, stock transfer, locks, releases, internal/external calibration, cost determination and internal/external cost comparison
  • Capabilities: cg/cgk, MSA, Procedure 1, 2, 3, Range, Average Range, Attribute Gage Study (long/short), Anova
  • Complete integration of external calibration service providers with import of various formats (e.g. VDI 2623)
  • Automatic inspections; assignment of test equipment to characteristics
  • Active monitoring of location, condition and due date
  • Only approved and capable test equipment is used in production
  • Tolerances: smooth test equipment, thread test equipment, new and used tolerances
  • Internal/external calibration by use, deployment, time
CAQ Prüfmittelverwaltung

The checks and automatic reporting before each measurement ensure that only approved test equipment is used in production. Depending on the customer’s specifications or our own experience, the test equipment capability is determined according to the appropriate standard, depending on the order, part or characteristic.

Additional CAQ functions

Control Plan CAQ
CAQ Dokumentenlenkung
Maßnahmenmanagement CAQ
Wareneingang CAQ


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