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Planning reliability

Control plan / test planning

The central planning tool for your individual CAQ system

Quality management controls the assurance of product and process quality in series production and assembly via the production control plan. However, planning can only achieve the required quality level if feedback from production and product trials is incorporated promptly.

A control plan can be created very easily within the Quality Miners CAQ software. The consistency of the system makes it possible, for example, to derive the control plan from the FMEA. As a result, the appropriate inspection plans for goods receipt, SPC, goods issue, requalification inspection or initial sampling can also be derived automatically.

Customer-specific requirements are also part of a control plan, as is the integration of the control plan into the CIP control loop. Event-driven, rule-based workflows and release processes ensure consistency of all important quality data from FMEA, control plan, inspection plan and complaint management.

No connection to other function blocks is desired? Even then, the Quality Miners Control plan can be put to excellent use. The decision is up to the individual customer.



  • Central tool for the creation of test and production control plans
  • Automated derivation from FMEA possible
  • Test plans for assemblies and parts lists
  • Article-specific inspection plans and group inspection plans
  • Detailed and verifiable tracking of characteristics in combination with parts, suppliers, customers, machines
  • Change management, versioning and workflow-supported release process via integrated action management
  • Assignment of any documents, images and drawings
  • Editor for marking, labeling and drawing features
  • Integrated tolerance tables for characteristics
  • Optional integration for importing CAD drawing data (DXF, DWG, IGES or PDF)

Your benefit

  • Reduced planning effort
  • High planning reliability
  • Consistent, comprehensive cataloging
  • Systematic evaluability of all data
  • Effective CIP control loop: FMEA, control plan, control plan, inspection plan, complaints
  • An editor for control plan and test plans

The direct integration of Control Plan and Inspection Plan eliminates the need for duplicate maintenance for these documents, which significantly reduces the workload for planners and also ensures that the content is always identical.

Additional CAQ functions

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