Software for incoming goods inspection

Quality Miners’ incoming goods inspection ensures the continuous quality of suppliers and purchased parts, thus avoiding higher costs. This enables a transparent process with suppliers.

Our tool automatically creates and distributes orders, tasks and measures and monitors the implementation. The company evaluates product quality, adherence to schedules and quantities, and promotes cooperation with the supplier.

The quality is reliably ensured with automatic reduction of the test sharpness. The complaint to the supplier takes place in a continuous process.


With the incoming goods module of Quality Miners, suppliers can optionally also be integrated into the digital incoming goods process. For this purpose, the supplier does not need to have a system of Quality Miners. The characteristics to be inspected are provided digitally to the supplier from their inspection plan. This can inspect the characteristics and provides them with the inspection results. After the delivery release issued by you, the supplier may ship the goods to you. In this way, you ensure that only well-tested goods find their way to you. This reduces the internal testing effort and lowers their costs.

Supplier complaints can also be settled via this system. Save time and money with Quality Miners Supply Cloud.



  • Testing of attributive (qualitative) and variable (quantitative) characteristics
  • Check with the reference quantities: Delivery quantity, deliveries, batches, containers, etc.
  • Simple connection of all common measuring devices
  • Acquire, use, document, archive test reports
  • Create, manage, send, monitor supplier error messages
  • Optional Supply-Cloud

Your benefit

  • Web-based communication with suppliers: Messages and 8D report
  • Automated ERP feedback: inspection results, quantities, technical / commercial disposal
  • Testing according to AQL, n:c combination or percentage
  • Dynamization and grading down to feature level according to ISO 3951, DIN 40080
  • Batch management forms the basis for traceability

The processing of supplier error messages is made much easier and faster, the system enters all relevant data into the forms independently and offers additional help for fast processing. By integrating the goods receipt process into the overall process and communicating with an ERP system, the flow of information between all systems and organizational units involved can be ensured.

Additional CAQ functions

Control Plan CAQ
Maßnahmenmanagement CAQ
Reklamationsmanagement CAQ


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Harry Keller

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