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Standard solutions are only of limited help. They are very difficult to adapt and are often very complex to project.


The complexity of products and processes requires a high degree of transparency and individual adjustments within quality management.

Quality often lies hidden ...
Together we go on the search.
The Quality Miners
Together with our customers, we go in search of the optimal quality solution.
The individuality of the customers and their requirements form the basis.
From the selection process to the implementation of specific requirements, we ensure that everything fits you - like a tailor-made suit.
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With the right tools ...
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... we bring your quality to light.
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digging for quality. together.

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Mourning for Matthias Schwarz

On Sunday, July 11, 2021, our esteemed and beloved colleague Matthias Schwarz passed away completely unexpectedly. In his more than 30 years of professional life, he accompanied hundreds of customers, helped them to perfect quality and strive for ever better solutions. Never was a task…

Quality Miners CAQ Software

Customized CAQ systems for the manufacturing industry

As Quality Miners, we develop customized CAQ software for our customers and mine for their quality together.

The tools are based on a uniform standard and inherently meet all the requirements of modern quality management software.

Our CAQ solutions function as a stand-alone solution, as an integrated overall solution in conjunction with ERP/PPS, or optionally as a fully integrated subsystem solution with SAP.

The choice is yours!

Join us in our search for the CAQ solution that’s right for you!

Quality Miiners - CAQ

The Quality Miners

Our origin: Deeply buried near Pickert

Lutz Pickert founded Pickert & Partner GmbH 40 years ago. In 1981, he was way ahead of his time with his idea to digitize quality management systems. The RQM product line enjoys a broad customer base and is considered one of the best CAQ systems.

In 2010, Sven O. Rimmelspacher took over the management from his father-in-law and led the company into the future. With the acquisition of IDOS QMS GmbH, he set the course for further expansion in the SAP growth market and for offering integrated QM solutions from a single source.

With the market entry of Quality Miners GmbH, the next era is now beginning. Quality Miners will take over the operational business of Pickert & Partner GmbH on July 01, 2021 and will lead the two product lines RQM and IDOS under the direction of Sven O. Rimmelspacher into a common future under this brand.

Quality Miners GmbH

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