Integrated CAQ Solution in SAP®

Web-based Quality Control with SQM360

SQM360 is our new web-based CAQ solution, specifically designed to extend SAP® with essential quality management functionalities.

Through full integration into the SAP environment, SQM360 enhances quality management and quality assurance in SAP with professional CAQ functionalities.

SQM360 – The web-based CAQ system for quality management with SAP®

Designed as an add-on, the CAQ system enables efficient linking of quality management processes with the existing SAP infrastructure, significantly improving precision and efficiency in quality control.

SQM360 – Die Lösung für effiziente Qualitätssicherung mit SAP
Pruefung in SAP

Inspection planning in SAP® – no export required

SQM360 accesses the inspection plans already present in SAP and allows their use without additional transfer to external systems. This prevents the need to transfer inspection plans to another system through interfaces or manual data transmission.

The direct integration with SAP also ensures seamless processing of inspection lots in SQM360. As a result, the administrative effort for inspection planning is minimized compared to an externally connected CAQ solution, as all planning processes can continue to be used within SAP.

Mobiler Einsatz

User-friendly quality data acquisition 

In quality assurance, accurate capturing and analysis of quality data play an important role. During a sampling, it is important to recognize trends and process patterns to potentially initiate measures.

SQM360 supports quality assurance through the display of quality control charts, calculation of CPK values, or representation of control or tolerance limits, among other features. These functions help to identify trends and variations in the production process, assess the capability of processes to meet specifications, and indicate when corrective actions are necessary to ensure quality.

In addition to these functions, SQM360 also offers a customizable user interface. Users can customize the display to make important features easily identifiable during an inspection, greatly simplifying quality controls. The ability to add documents and images to each sample improves the documentation and traceability of quality decisions. Photos of measurements directly inserted into the system also enable visual documentation of the inspection and promote transparency of measurement results.

SQM360 thus facilitates decision-making and significantly contributes to proactive quality management.

Mobiler Einsatz jederzeit möglich

Mobile deployment available at any time

Thanks to the web-based architecture of SQM360, quality managers and inspectors can flexibly utilize the system – they have access to it from any location and with any device, with the only requirement being an existing internet connection. Whether using a Windows PC, a tablet, or smartphone, SQM360 works directly in the web browser and supports a wide range of device types. This ensures unparalleled flexibility and supports cross-location collaboration in globally interconnected companies.

The efficient data capture and processing enabled by SQM360 within SAP accelerates workflow and enhances the overall efficiency of quality inspection. The SQM360 cloud option also provides a flexible, scalable solution that reduces IT infrastructure costs and greatly simplifies system maintenance and updates.

SQM360 – The solution for
efficient quality assurance with SAP®

SQM360 – Die flexible CAQ Software für SAP QM

So that quality inspections with SAP can be conducted
efficiently and in real-time across all areas of the company in the future.


Experience SQM360 in action and request a personalized live demo.

Messmittel mit SAP verbinden

Connecting measuring equipment with SAP®


The integration of our tool BRIDGE into SQM360 also opens up new possibilities for connecting measuring devices to the SAP system. This web-based integration tool facilitates connection with a wide range of measuring instruments, including handheld measuring devices and measuring machines from renowned manufacturers such as Zeiss, Werth, Mitutoyo, Keyence, and many others.

The ability to directly link measuring devices with SAP—an option not offered by SAP as a standard feature—significantly enhances the efficiency of data collection. By automating the transfer of measurement results into SAP Quality Management, BRIDGE, in conjunction with SQM360, provides significant added value by simplifying and speeding up the quality control process.

Datensicherheit und Flexibilität

Data security and flexibility: On-premise or cloud solution

Data security is paramount in SQM360. Companies want to decide for themselves how and where they manage their data.

In addition to flexible cloud usage, SQM360 also offers the option to implement the system as an on-premise solution. This alternative is particularly beneficial for companies that prefer local data storage for internal or regulatory reasons.

Regardless of the chosen implementation method, at SQM360, we place great importance on data privacy and security. When selecting our cloud partners, we strictly ensure that they comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and operate their servers within Germany.

SQM360 - Benefit from the advantages of integrated solutions

Messmittel mit SAP verbinden

Efficient SAP®-Integration

SQM360 serves as an add-on that directly integrates quality management processes into the existing SAP infrastructure.

Pruefung in SAP

Inspection planning and inspection lot generation in SAP®

Simplifies data management by retaining the inspection planning and generation of inspection lots within SAP.

Mobiler Einsatz

User-friendly quality data acquisition

SQM360 simplifies quality data acquisition in SAP, enhances user experience, and increases efficiency in quality management.

Mobiler Einsatz jederzeit möglich

Device and location independence

Enables access to the system anytime, anywhere, supporting flexibility and global usage.

Erweitern Sie Ihre SAP-Lösungen

Efficient data acquisition and processing

Accelerates workflow and enhances the efficiency of quality inspections.

Datensicherheit und Flexibilität

Data security and local data storage option

SQM360 enables secure data management with servers in Germany and provides the flexibility of an on-premise solution to meet the highest data privacy requirements.


Experience SQM360 in action and request a personalized live demo.

QM IN SAP® SYSTEM: Benefit from our tools

MIC/3 – Direct connection of measuring devices in the SAP® GUI

Up to 30% time savings in test data acquisition

  • Data acquisition via add-on directly in the SAP interface
  • Support for common interface systems such as Steinwald, Bobe, Mitutoyo, Ibrit, Elias, Brecht, etc.
  • Direct connection of measuring devices via generic serial interface
MIC/3 – Direkte Anbindung von Messmitteln in der SAP-GUI

QM/3 – Subsystem for measurement data acquisition in Microsoft Windows

Quality workstation with clear processing of the SAP inspection lot

  • Practical frontend for quality inspection under SAP
  • Standardized connection, e.g. coordinate measuring machines, analysis systems or automatic testing machines
  • Certified interface via SAP
  • Modern factory management
QM/3 – Subsystem für Messdatenerfassung in Microsoft Windows

VIEW/3 – Quality-related reports & evaluations for SAP®

Quick and clear visualization

  • Frontend for quality evaluation and quality reporting under SAP
  • All necessary quality-related statistics and calculations
  • Customization and extension of report templates
  • Special distribution models, analyses, evaluations on request
  • Inexpensive test installation incl. Initial on-site briefing and hotline support

Additional QM-CAQ tools

BRIDGE – Connect measuring systems to cloud platforms

Compatible CAQ Add-On

  • Prepares existing test equipment for the use of cloud and web technologies
  • Plug & Play solution for many common interface boxes and measuring systems
  • Installation of measuring hardware and interface boxes is greatly simplified
QM.CAQ MI Konnektor

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