Software for planned and unplanned maintenance

Unnecessary repairs, loss of quality as well as safety deficiencies due to lack of maintenance are intolerable waste for any operation. Only thorough, production-oriented planning and execution of maintenance activities ensures optimum productivity of plant and machinery. These activities are optimally managed, controlled and supported by our maintenance tool.

Save time

To minimize the time required, maintenance times are calculated and sensibly synchronized according to the intervals entered and with the help of the operating calendar. Any unplanned repairs that may be required are taken into account. Manual changes are possible at any time. Those responsible and those carrying out the work are automatically notified via the action management system and reminded of the deadline by entries in their to-do lists. Necessary preparations (e.g. notify TÜV) are reminded in good time.

Planning your maintenance

The required materials and tools are assigned to the individual maintenance activities. Documents of any kind can be attached. This allows the workers to work effectively and quickly through good preparation.

Upcoming planned maintenance is taken into account when calculating the due date for SPC inspections. Order monitoring and the associated target dates include the duration of planned downtimes. In the case of unplanned maintenance, the actual downtimes can be passed on to higher-level detailed planning systems for dynamic rescheduling.



  • Any number of intervals per machine
  • Any number of maintenance items per machine and component
  • Authorization of personnel for individual activities by assigning safety levels
  • Maintenance can be carried out online on the system
  • Management of resources (required material and tools)

Your benefit

  • Comprehensive advance planning and simple implementation
  • Clear display, convenient handling
  • Practical catalogs for maintenance activities and damage patterns (ideal for evaluations)
  • Integration into action management
  • Integration in MDA, SPC

Software for planned and unplanned maintenance

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