Integration solutions

QualityMiners.CAQ - the right connection to ERP

Our CAQ has already been coupled many times with all common ERP/PPS systems. For 40 years we have been creating interfaces for our customers in all possible areas. We have the experience and the necessary know-how to successfully connect your CAQ system with your ERP system. Classically, we exchange master and order data with ERP systems in a wide variety of forms. This enables them to automate their quality management processes and reduces the planning effort enormously. This saves them time and money.

Of course, we have certification for our CAQ solutions integrated in SAP. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Standard vs. individualization

We are often asked whether we have standard interfaces to ERP systems. Our sales team gets this question regularly.

Suppliers like to go into sales talks with slogans such as “We rely on standards …“, or “We map the standard …”. The problem is that in most cases the standard of the provider does not match the standard of the customer!

We Quality Miners distinguish here in two areas:

  • Technology
  • Organizational processes

Technology – the customer has the choice

Technologically, we naturally rely on standards. With us, the customer always has a choice of replacement technologies. Either at the database field level by providing our data in database tables and retrieving it from the ERP system. Or on the file level, where a firmly defined reading of files takes place via so-called tasks in both directions.

Organizational processes – we adjust the interface to your processes

Every company is different. Therefore, when it comes to organizational processes, it is important not to blindly rely on a standard. Together with them and their IT specialists, we define the data fields that are to be exchanged, which workflows are to be triggered, and how and when the interfaces are to act. Of course, we have a variety of exchange options, just feel free to contact us directly about it.

Excerpt of ERP couplings that have already taken place:

ABAS, ABRA, AIDA-Orga, APplus, AvERP, avista, BAAN, BrainXPPS, Brain-AS, Concord, Cybermotiv, Microsoft Dynamics, Eigenentwicklungen, Family ERP, INFOR, INFOR XPERT, ISSOS Pro, J.D. Edwards, MAPICS, MERKATOR, MFG-PRO, NTS APOLLO, FEPA Planat, ProAlpha, PSI PENTA, QAD, SAGE, SAGE B2, SAGE Wincarat, SAP, S4 Hana, SAP R/3, SEMIRAMIS, STREIT, SYN Frame, SYSLOG, Timline ERP, Trend, WERS+CMMS3

Connection of portals and measuring systems

Quality Miners portal solutions simplify and accelerate the exchange of quality-related data in the B2B environment. By connecting to the portals of your customers, customer complaints can be created in our complaint management system on request and data fields such as (0-KM or field failure) can be filled automatically.

After processing the complaint, the data is automatically loaded back into the portal. Data exchange takes place via the standardized QDX format. Quality Miners’ portal solutions streamline a time-consuming and costly process and provide them with all data collected in one system.

Integration of measurement data

Connecting measuring devices and measuring machines streamlines processes, reduces data acquisition errors, and increases the speed at which measurement results are available for response and analysis. For standard measuring equipment, measuring boxes are often used which combine various interfaces via one hardware and are thus available to the user in a very simple way.

All measuring boxes of common manufacturers can be connected to our Quality Miners CAQ solutions. Required interfaces are automatically included in the scope of delivery of the test modules.


The connection of measuring machines, 3D measuring machines and other complex devices (which usually also have their own software) is done either via data import in qs-STAT format (AQDEF), via the database or a proprietary interface provided by the machine manufacturer.

Compatible interface boxes:
Bobe, Brecht, ibrIT, Steinwald

Measuring devices & measuring machines:
Faro, Fluck, Helios, Hexagon, Hommel, Keyence, Mahr, Marposs, Mitutoyo, OGP, Steinheil, Tesa, Wenzel, Zeiss, and much more