KPI - Key Performance Indicator

Software for the creation of important key figures

A modern, KPI-driven company depends on specific, relevant and transparent information from all areas. The key performance indicators (KPI) in our QualityMiners.CAQ are provided by a wide variety of mechanisms and data sources and are divided into standard key figures, which have been defined in the MES environment, e.g. by VDMA 66412, Sheet 1, and individual key figures, which are often defined by management on the basis of specific targets for measurement.

Standard evaluations/key figures

Standard metrics are hardwired into our system and into every tool and are available at all times. Own key figures on the other hand can be determined, calculated and visualized by the evaluation generator from almost any data source. If key figures exceed predefined threshold values, or if certain target values are reached, a monitoring function (KPI monitor) ensures that the responsible persons are automatically informed in real time.

Own key figures

Especially for the management (and of course for all other users) evaluations and key figures can be defined and evaluated. If these figures are not generated automatically by QualityMiners.CAQ, it is furthermore possible to define these key figures with recording cycles and thus to enable, for example, a monthly manual entry of planned and actual values.

All key figures can be made available in the QM dashboard  in the browser in real time, so that you have access to all the information you need at any time and in any place.



  • Free definition of key figures
  • Definition of target and planned values
  • Any acquisition period
  • Capture reminders
  • Visualization of history and current value

Your benefit

  • Display in real time in the QM Dashboard
  • Structure of a key figure system
  • Assignment to processes
  • Assignment of measures for optimization
  • Drill-down technique to master detail view

Any key figures on the web

Our KPI tool can capture and display any key performance indicators. With the help of our web interface, these are visualized in the browser and always show the current situation of the company’s most important KPIs.

Additional CAQ functions

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