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What has a high priority, but often comes up short in day-to-day business, is the visualization and documentation of processes in terms of quality management. In the course of audits, deviations or potential for improvement arise particularly frequently here, which can be easily avoided by a systematic approach.

However, process descriptions in the form of flowcharts are often a source of misunderstandings and errors, as such a representation is not always easy for everyone to understand, nor is it easily accessible.

The integrated process visualization from the process designer, on the other hand, enables easy creation of the process map, process descriptions and the associated details. Each process is displayed on one page, the user can click through the process chain and see all details in an overview at any time. These details are direct links to other functions, such as roles that branch to the competency matrix, documents that open guided documents and templates, or evaluations and key figures that visualize process performance in the dashboard.

With ISO 9001:2015, many companies are due for a new certification in the coming months. The focus of this standard is strongly on process orientation. This means that “process-oriented action” will become increasingly important in the future – also with regard to the requirements that Industry 4.0 brings with it. Automation of processes and systems will become a key competitive advantage for all manufacturing companies. Transparent and lean processes play an important part in this.



  • Representation of process maps
  • Process representation
  • Hierarchical drill-down from the overview to the details
  • Turtle-like visualization
  • Versioning, release, history

Your benefit

  • Browser-based, as all employees must work with the functions
  • Simplest operation
  • Omission of complexity, concentration on the essentials
  • Integration with the other tools of QualityMiners.CAQ to reflect the holistic idea
  • Linking with documents, tools, evaluations, KPIs and roles
Software Prozessvisualisierung

With the Process Designer you can map your complete company organization with all its processes. This means that you are always fit for ISO certification and can process any measures that arise directly in the measures management transparently and effectively.

Additional CAQ functions

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