What is Inspection Equipment Management

The gauge management (also gauge management, PMV) is part of the quality management. The aim is to ensure and maintain the quality, reliability, operational capacity and readiness of test equipment in the company. Thanks to monitoring, the tester should always be able to provide the required performance.

Thus, gauge management is a method for increasing process capability.

The EN ISO 9001:2015 standard requires the implementation of a process that ensures the suitability and functionality of test equipment.

In summary, test equipment management organizes the procurement, use and monitoring of test equipment.

Measuring system analysis or measuring equipment capability analysis or test equipment capability analysis, MSA, describes the analysis of the capability of complete measuring systems and measuring equipment in quality management.

Before any measuring system analysis, the resolution of the measuring devices used must be analyzed. In addition, two inspection methods are mainly used in practice: Method 1 and 2

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