QM/3 - Measurement data acquisition

QM3 is a practical frontend for quality inspection under SAP. The quality workstation guarantees simple, clear and fast processing of the SAP inspection lot. Coupling of coordinate measuring machines, tensile testing machines, analysis systems or company-specific automatic testing machines is also possible.

Optimize the quality inspection workflow with QM/3.
Acquire real-time data for quality management with SAP®.

SAP remains the overarching planning and control system: Article master data, inspection plans, catalogs, inspection lots, etc., are exclusively taken over by QM/3 (SAP standard interface QM-IDI). Subsequently, the measurement data capture takes place in QM/3, optionally including the usage decision. Results recording can be manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic. At the end of the test, the results are reported back to the SAP system. Statistical evaluations, reports and statistical tests can be performed.

QM/3 – Subsystem für Messdatenerfassung in Microsoft Windows

Quality Management in the SAP® System: Benefit from the Advantages of Integrated Solutions

QM/3 supports the connection of interface systems for digital handheld and small measuring devices. The integration of complex measuring, testing, and laboratory systems is also possible at any time.

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The benefits of QM/3 integration for SAP Quality Management

  • Efficiently integrate complex measurement systems
  • Automatically capture measurement data
  • Certified Q-workstation LIMS/Production
  • Efficiency on the shop floor with QM/3
  • Analyses: convenient, comprehensive, flexible
  • User-friendly, easy data capture
  • No SAP workstation or direct SAP license required
  • No duplicate master data storage
  • Realization of individual capture masks


Functions of QM/3 for efficient measurement data acquisition within SAP

  • Manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic result capture
  • Connection of interface systems for digital handheld/small measuring devices
  • Integration of complex measurement, testing, and laboratory systems
  • Usage decision for SAP inspection points and SAP inspection lots
  • Statistical evaluations, reports, and statistical tests
  • Multiple languages

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In SAP integriertes CAQ

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QM/3 – Optimal integration for quality management tasks in SAP.®


Clearly acquire measurement data

QM IN SAP® SYSTEM: Benefit from our tools

SQM360 – The web-based CAQ system for quality management with SAP®

SQM360 is our new web-based CAQ solution, specifically designed to extend SAP® with essential quality management functionalities.

  • Efficient SAP integration
  • Inspection planning and inspection lot generation in SAP
  • User-friendly quality data acquisition
  • Device and location independence
  • Efficient data acquisition and processing
  • Integration of measuring devices with BRIDGE
  • Data security and local data storage option
SQM360 – Die Lösung für effiziente Qualitätssicherung mit SAP

MIC/3 – Direct connection of measuring devices in the SAP® GUI

Up to 30% time savings in test data acquisition

  • Data acquisition via add-on directly in the SAP interface
  • Support for common interface systems such as Steinwald, Bobe, Mitutoyo, Ibrit, Elias, Brecht, etc.
  • Direct connection of measuring devices via generic serial interface
MIC/3 – Direkte Anbindung von Messmitteln in der SAP-GUI

VIEW/3 – Quality-related reports & evaluations for SAP®

Quick and clear visualization

  • Frontend for quality evaluation and quality reporting under SAP
  • All necessary quality-related statistics and calculations
  • Customization and extension of report templates
  • Special distribution models, analyses, evaluations on request
  • Inexpensive test installation incl. Initial on-site briefing and hotline support

Additional QM-CAQ tools

BRIDGE – Connect measuring systems to cloud platforms

Compatible CAQ Add-On

  • Prepares existing test equipment for the use of cloud and web technologies
  • Plug & Play solution for many common interface boxes and measuring systems
  • Installation of measuring hardware and interface boxes is greatly simplified
QM.CAQ MI Konnektor

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