QM3 - Measurement data acquisition

QM3 is a practical frontend for quality inspection under SAP. The quality workstation guarantees simple, clear and fast processing of the SAP inspection lot. Coupling of coordinate measuring machines, tensile testing machines, analysis systems or company-specific automatic testing machines is also possible.

SAP remains the superordinate planning and control system: article master data, inspection plans, catalogs, inspection lots, etc. are transferred exclusively from QM3 (SAP standard interface QM-IDI), then the measurement data acquisition takes place in QM3, and if desired, also the usage decision. Results recording can be manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic. At the end of the test, the results are reported back to the SAP system. Statistical evaluations, reports and statistical tests can be performed.

The connection of interface systems for digital handheld and small measuring devices is possible at any time, as is the integration of complex measuring, testing and laboratory systems.

QM/3 AUTOCLIENT - Fully automatic data acquisition

The QM/3 AutoClient is a “black box” version of the QM/3 subsystem. It enables fully automatic acquisition of measurement data via file or database interfaces – no manual intervention by the user is required. For example, the measurement logs of a measuring machine or an analyzer are evaluated and transferred to the corresponding SAP inspection lot. Exceptional situations are communicated to a responsible recipient by e-mail or logged in a database table.



  • Results recording manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically
  • Connection of interface systems for digital handheld/small measuring devices
  • Integration of complex measuring, testing and laboratory systems
  • Usage decision for SAP inspection points and SAP inspection lots
  • Statistical evaluations, reports and statistical tests
  • Different languages

Your benefit

  • Efficiently integrate complex measurement systems
  • Capture measurement data fully automatically
  • Certified Q-workstation LIMS/manufacturing
  • Efficiency on the store floor with QM/3
  • Analyses: convenient, holistic, flexible
  • User friendly, easy acquisition
  • No SAP workstation and therefore no direct SAP license required
  • No duplicate master data storage
  • Realisierung von individuellen Erfassungsmasken

Clearly capture measurement data

Additional CAQ functions


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Harry Keller

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