What is Machine Data Acquisition?

Machine data acquisition (MDE for short) describes the interface between production-related machines and information processing. The data from the MDE can flow directly into the machine control system as parameters and can also be used as a data source for collecting operating data for other purposes, e.g. for statistical process control (SPC) and for planning and controlling production orders.

Machine data is basically all the facts about an industrial machine. There are two basic types: Process and product data. Process data includes the knowledge required to operate the machine, which can be easily generated by operating the machine. This is primarily control data, but also information on power consumption, etc. Product data is measured at processing units and provides valuable information about the production process in conjunction with system operation. For the quality of production, knowledge such as number of pieces, weight, thickness or temperature is essential.

Therefore, the collection of machine data concerns the problem of generation and transmission to this machine or ACTUAL data in relation to production. Unlike order data, which indicates the TARGET status, which is specific only to the final product.

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