Quality Miners is spun off from Pickert & Partner GmbH

Further development of the RQM and IDOS product lines under the Quality Miners label

In the course of our strategy work, exciting ideas for new projects are constantly emerging. In order to take advantage of such prospects, it is essential to work on solutions as to how we can seize such opportunities on the one hand without compromising the respective core business on the other.

Therefore, at the turn of the year, we decided to split our company, to build a group of companies out of it under a holding company, and thus to better organize our various business units and product lines independently of each other. With our great goal of enabling companies and people to make their individual contribution to ever higher quality in all areas of life, we have a common denominator that drives us all.

The division has now initially created three companies.

  • The about ZERO UG as a holding company, which acts as an investment company but also as an innovator
  • Die Pickert GmbH, die als Servicegesellschaft auftritt
  • The Quality Miners GmbH, who, with immediate effect, will be responsible for the entire operational business around our CAQ Solutions RQM und IDOS takes over.
Der Ursprung der Quality Miners - Tief vergraben bei PickertDer Ursprung der Quality Miners - Tief vergraben bei Pickert
Quality Miners

Well-established team

With the Quality Miners a well-established team enters the market with a new company and fresh energy. We develop customized CAQ solutions with and for our customers, just as we have been doing for decades with the two product lines RQM and IDOS. Of course, our long-standing customers know the minds behind it; after all, we have been successful in the market with pickertfor 40 years.

With a more precise positioning and a sharpened focus, we want to take another look at and modernize the CAQ market from completely different perspectives under this new brand.

With new business models, a significantly improved service offering, and state-of-the-art technologies, we are creating a basis for modern CAQ solutions and paving the way to a shared future for our customers. At the same time, we take into account the history of our customers, some of whom have been with us since the 1980s and have always been able to rely on their solutions following every change in technology.

So for our existing customers and employees, there will be some changes in terms of names and affiliations, but in the end, everything will remain the same in terms of quality. Because we make this effort for one reason only: to become better and better at what we do.

Therefore, we invest also or just because we are in an extraordinary time and look courageously into the future, because standing still has never been an option for us!