What is Maintenance?

The template Process Description Maintenance supports you in describing the procedure and responsibilities for maintenance as well as servicing. In doing so, the process description is compliant with ISO 9001 and enables you to regulate the measures for maintaining and restoring the quality-relevant infrastructure and working environment in the company – whether in the case of fault-related, unplanned maintenance or preventive maintenance or regular or planned maintenance.

Planned maintenance: Preventive measures are in place to minimize the risk of failure. Differentiates:

Predetermined maintenance: Preventive measures (such as inspection and maintenance) are taken to take action, if necessary, before a fault occurs. On the one hand, these activities can be temporary. However, strategies based on other criteria (such as duration, amounts) are also used. A typical example is an oil change at fixed intervals or after a certain mileage in combustion engines of motor vehicles.

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