Seamless integration of existing measuring systems into the cloud!
The trend towards outsourcing software systems to data centers, cloud platforms and terminal server solutions continues to grow. This change also affects quality management. However, there is often the challenge of integrating existing measuring systems into these systems. Purchasing new measurement hardware is expensive and even new systems often do not offer smooth integration with web technologies.

The solution called BRIDGE from Quality Miners now provides a remedy. BRIDGE makes it possible for measuring devices that are not compatible with modern cloud or web platforms to continue to be used effortlessly. This ensures future viability and avoids expensive new investments. Thanks to the simple and intuitive web interface, BRIDGE also speeds up the installation and configuration of external interface boxes such as Steinwald, IBR, Brecht or Bobe enormously. Lengthy set-ups of measuring systems are now a thing of the past.


BRIDGE as a compatible CAQ ADD-On
Thanks to the open interface, Bridge can not only be used with the Quality Miners CAQ system, but is also compatible with all CAQ solutions. This means that all companies can benefit from the advantages of BRIDGE, regardless of the CAQ system they use, and make their measurement systems fit for the future.

MI Konnektor

Why should you use BRIDGE?

  • Compatible
    Plug & play solution for many common interface boxes and measuring systems
  • Future-proof
    Makes existing test equipment ready for the use of cloud and web technologies
  • Flexible
    Wide range of meter types even without proprietary interface box
  • Cost-saving
    Avoids the purchase of new measurement hardware
  • Simple
    Installation of measurement hardware and interface boxes is extremely simplified
  • Open
    Integration into common CAQ systems*

*Please contact your CAQ manufacturer to find out whether they support the use of BRIDGE.


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