VIEW/3 - Evaluations

VIEW/3 is a frontend for quality evaluation and reporting.

It serves as a functional extension of the SAP application for quality management and offers ready-made report templates as well as extended, graphical and statistical evaluations.

Efficient, flexible reporting and analysis with VIEW/3 for quality management with SAP®.

Comprehensive data analysis for SAP® inspection lots:

  • Tabular, graphical, and statistical analyses: VIEW/3 provides all relevant evaluation options for quality-related data.
  • Numerous statistics and calculations: Xquer, Pareto, characteristic comparison, frequency distribution, SPC, capability indices, and many more.


Deep insights into your quality data.

  • Identification of weaknesses and improvement potentials.
  • Monitoring of processes and trends.
  • Make informed decisions based on data.


Advanced reporting with report templates:

  • Variety of templates: DDefect Pareto, Control Chart, Sampling Analysis, PPM, Measurement Capability, Certificates, and more.
  • Necessary additions to SAP standard: Enhance the standard functionality of SAP QM.
  • Flexible customizations: Customer-specific layouts, extensions, and database queries.
  • Optional reporting: SAP quality notifications and complaints.
  • Special analyses: Available upon request.


Automatic report generation with AutoReport:

  • Efficiency enhancement: Automatically generate and send reports.
  • Cross-application and cross-database: Reports from different systems and databases.
  • Various output formats: PDF, Word, Excel, and more.
  • Automatic email delivery: Time savings and optimized workflow.
  • Flexible configuration: Custom settings for each report.
  • Integration into Windows Task Scheduler: Fully automated report generation.

Quality Management in the SAP® System: Benefit from the Advantages of Integrated Solutions

VIEW/3 is a powerful tool that supports you in improving your quality management with quality evaluations and reporting.

Erweitern Sie Ihre SAP-Lösungen

The benefits of VIEW/3 - Integration for SAP® Quality Management

  • Frontend für Qualitätsauswertung und Qualitätsreporting unter SAP
  • Alle notwendigen qualitätsbezogenen Statistiken und Berechnungen
  • Kundenspezifische Anpassung und Erweiterung der Reportvorlagen
  • Spezielle Verteilungsmodelle, Analysen, Auswertungen auf Anfrage
  • Kostengünstige Testinstallation inkl. Ersteinweisung vor Ort und Hotline-Support


Functions of View/3 for efficient measurement data acquisition within SAP®

  • Notwendige Ergänzung des SAP-Standards
  • Crystal Reports als Entwurfswerkzeug
  • Kundendefinierte Layouts und Datenbankabfragen
  • Reporting von SAP-Qualitätsmeldungen/ Reklamationen optional
  • Unterschiedliche Sprachen

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Individuelles und automatisiertes Reporting mit SAP.QM verwalten

QM SAP Reporting


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VIEW/3 – Efficient and Flexible Reports for Quality Management in SAP®


Clear visualizations

QM IN SAP® SYSTEM: Benefit from our tools

SQM360 – The web-based CAQ system for quality management with SAP®

SQM360 is our new web-based CAQ solution, specifically designed to extend SAP® with essential quality management functionalities.

  • Efficient SAP integration
  • Inspection planning and inspection lot generation in SAP
  • User-friendly quality data acquisition
  • Device and location independence
  • Efficient data acquisition and processing
  • Integration of measuring devices with BRIDGE
  • Data security and local data storage option
SQM360 – Die Lösung für effiziente Qualitätssicherung mit SAP

MIC/3 – Direct connection of measuring devices in the SAP® GUI

Up to 30% time savings in test data acquisition

  • Data acquisition via add-on directly in the SAP interface
  • Support for common interface systems such as Steinwald, Bobe, Mitutoyo, Ibrit, Elias, Brecht, etc.
  • Direct connection of measuring devices via generic serial interface
MIC/3 – Direkte Anbindung von Messmitteln in der SAP-GUI

QM/3 – Subsystem for measurement data acquisition in Microsoft Windows

Quality workstation with clear processing of the SAP inspection lot

  • Practical frontend for quality inspection under SAP
  • Standardized connection, e.g. coordinate measuring machines, analysis systems or automatic testing machines
  • Certified interface via SAP
  • Modern factory management
QM/3 – Subsystem für Messdatenerfassung in Microsoft Windows

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