CAQ provider Pickert celebrates 40th company anniversary

Pickert & Partner GmbH from Pfinztal near Karlsruhe celebrates its 40th anniversary. For decades, the owner-managed family business has been working with its customers to develop software solutions for quality management that can fulfill all tasks and requirements along the value chain.

As a pioneer in the CAQ industry, Pickert can look back on hundreds of exciting projects. Constant innovations and long-term customer relationships based on partnership and trust have made the company one of the best-known CAQ providers in the German market. Many well-known companies have been customers of Pickert for 20, in some cases even 30 years, and have used several generations of the applications over the decades, from the early MS-DOS-based system to today’s state-of-the-art cloud-based apps, and have always been able to rely on the seamless migration of their data inventory. As a result, the two product lines RQM and IDOS enjoy great popularity and are successfully used by over 215,000 users worldwide in a wide range of industries.

What Lutz Pickert started in 1981 and built up over many years has been gradually taken over by his son-in-law and current managing director Sven O. Rimmelspacher since 2009 and continuously developed since 2013. Isabel Pickert, daughter of Sven O. Rimmelspacher and his wife Heike, is already working in the company as the third generation parallel to her Master’s degree.

In addition to software solutions, Pickert has also been focusing on its employees for many years. New Work, agility and self-organization are not just modern buzzwords at Pickert, but have already been successfully lived for many years and presented again and again in several films, interviews, lectures as well as their own book as an example of a successful company transformation.

According to Rimmelspacher, the company is well prepared for the challenges of the future: “We have been working on various innovations and business models for some time now and are ready to go. Very soon we will be presenting these ideas to the public and I am delighted that, especially in these turbulent times, we are looking ahead, investing and going into the future stronger than before. We are looking forward to the coming years!”.

As is known, at the moment a corresponding celebration of the anniversary is not possible and will first take place online and for the staff. As soon as the situation allows it again, the big celebration will be made up for!